Walk for Animals 2014

Prevolv Pups

Step up for animals!

Prevolv Pups has created a team again this year  to help support the animals that the Animal Humane Society cares for every day. Prevolv has participated the last 3 years and love to help the Animals in our community.  We have committed as a team to do what we can to help all animals in need. 

Will you help too?  Please consider giving what you can - either through a donation or by joining our team and walking on Saturday, May 4th with your pet, in doing so you are helping the Animal Humane Society raise awareness and money for this important cause.

The Walk for Animals is about gathering and celebrating, but mostly, it's about helping animals less fortunate than our own. This is the Animal Humane Society's major, stand-up-on-your-hind-legs-and-bark fundraising event.

Thank you for your generous support and we hope you can join us on May 4th!

If you are interested in walking with our team please e-mail asickmann@prevolv.com and Ann will get you the meeting time and place to walk with us.  Hope to see you there!


Thank you,

   Prevolv Pups


Prevolv Pups - Join Team Raised
this walker made a donation Ann Sickmann $60.93
this walker made a donation LuAnne Zilka $625.00
Team Gifts $105.00
Denotes a Team Captain