Walk for Animals 2014

Gunnie's Pack

Step up for animals!

We created a team to help support the animals that Animal Humane Society cares for every day. Animals suffer the effects of tough times and this is exactly the time when our commitment must be at its strongest. We have committed as a team to do what we can to help all of the animals in need.

Will you help too? Please consider giving what you can - either through a donation or by joining our team and helping us raise money for this important cause.

Why the name Gunnie's Pack? A couple years back, our good friend Gunner Simon had passed away suddenly at a very young age. He was a beautiful, loving, caring, playful, and obedient yellow lab. He also happened to have the softest ears of any dog we've ever met! We love and miss him dearly*

The Walk for Animals is about gathering and celebrating, but mostly, it's about helping animals less fortunate than our own. This is the Animal Humane Society's major, stand-up-on-your-hind-legs-and-bark fundraising event. The animals in our community depend on AHS - and on you!

Thank you for your generous support.

T-SHIRT Order page: (*Orders due by APRIL 19!!!) Costs between $8-15 depending on how many we order:

LINK TO OUR FACEBOOK TEAM PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1474484729445987/

Gunnie's Pack - Join Team Raised
Lacey Struckman $1,430.00
this walker made a donation Jill Grover $50.00
Clea Levinson $0.00
Luke & Betsy Meier $0.00
this walker made a donation John Nagel $55.00
this walker made a donation Joseph Silvestrini $50.00
Kirsten Simon $0.00
Team Gifts $50.00
Denotes a Team Captain