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This is my sixth year doing The Walk for Animals. If you don't know me- you don't know how much I love animals. I have a dog, Buddy, a cat, Percy, a hamster, Strawberry, and a fish. I do lots of classes at at the Animal Humane Society, including their summer program Unleashed, and their fall/winter/spring program, The Pet Set Youth Club. On July 16, 2013 the AHS rescued 130 dogs from a puppy mill in Pine River, Minnesota. These dogs were living in horrible conditions with filthy water and little food. My family was lucky enough to be able to foster one of these sweet dogs. Her name is Rosie and she is about 3 years old. Her whole life she had just been having puppies. She didn't know what stairs were, she didn't know what toys were, and she didn't know what a door was. But even after all she had gone through, she still loves people. It's animals like Rosie that inspire me to help others like her get healthy and find perminent loving homes. I would love to work at the Animal Humane Society when I get older.

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-Annika Gutzke

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Goal: $1,600.00
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