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Officers Chester & Vito have pledged to protect, serve and help their fellow furry friends. Chester & Vito are giving up the donuts to prepare for the 2014 WALK FOR ANIMALS.  These K9's of law and order encourage good citizens like you to support them in their pursuit.

This will be the 40th WALK FOR ANIMALS and, allegedly, the 26th time Carrie has participated.

Your donation will help keep kitties, puppies, bunnies, etc off the streets and in loving homes where they belong.

Officers Chester and Vito don't want to cause disorderly conduct, but want to enforce the fact that you can donate online and it's easier than paying a traffic ticket!  Plus it's tax deductible!

Just click on the brown DONATE button next to Chester & Vito's picture and follow the ez instructions.

Officer Chester, Officer Vito, Chief Anie, Convict Carrie and all the animals at AHS thank you for your generosity!!


Fundraising progress for
Carrie Orr





Goal: $10,000.00
Raised: $10,355.00
Percent raised:103%


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