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Jan & Nils are at it again...Talking! Walking! Driving! Succeeding! Repeating what they have been doing for the past 38 consecutive years of fundraising for the Walk for Animals! 

Why do we "do the Walk?"  It's simple, really, the Society needs the money to maintain the excellent care they provide to the animals of our communities once they come to the Society.

Our first AHS alum was a female dobe, and we have had many other AHS alums (all older cats for the most part.) What a joy to see them bloom as if they were kittens again!  We KNOW first hand that there is a real human-animal bond formed.

As to the fundraising part, a friend of ours once said, "All we can do is ask, and ask, and ask again." So here we are hat in hand, "asking again:" Please support the animals through the Anderson efforts by clicking on the word "donate" above.

To all of our donors, "THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you" for making a differednce in the lives of the animals in our communities, and for being a voice for those who cannot speak!


Fundraising progress for
Harold Anderson





Goal: $13,000.00
Raised: $16,136.29
Percent raised:124%


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