In memory of MishMish,Milou,Yuukie and Fuzzie

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Five years ago my husband, our aunt and myself moved to the Twin Cities with our belongs on a truck and our dogs Misha, Milou, Fuzzie and Yuukie.

Misha, Milou and Fuzzie were our dogs, Yuukie belonged to our aunt. When she had her stroke she and Yuukie moved in with us.

Two days ago we burried the last one, Misha or MishMish (it means Apricot in Arabic) as I used to call her.

One by one they started going over the rainbow bridge about 2.5 years ago. First Grandma Fuzzie, granted she was 17 years old. She left us March of 2007.

Then our baby Milou, he died of kidney failure one week before Christmas (Dec 18th 2007). Milou was a SharPei. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure that summer and we had to put him down the 18th of December.

Misha never was the same playful dog after that day. She used to stand at the bottom of the stairs looking up to the second floor and would cry.
We adopted Misha from an Animal Rescue group when she was only 2 months old. Her and her litter mates were found in a field somewhere in the Oklahoma countryside and brought to a rescue. She was a mix and a very big girl. For sure she was part Rhodesian Ridgeback. She came to live with us in 2001 because we needed a buddy for Milou. Those two were always together. Pretty soon her mother instincts took over and she would wash and clean Milou's face and ears from then on every day until the day he left us. She was like his Mommie. Always trying to protect him. When he would run the fence because he saw somebody walking by, she would run over and push him out of the way to protect him. He was our clown and she was the Mommie. She was the quiet and reserved one and he was the rambunctious one. But they were an item.

Yuukie left us last summer, he was 10 years old. After our aunt went into the nursing home he continued to live with us. We came home one day and found him collapsed laying in the floor in shock. We rushed him to emergency but he was too far gone.
So then there was only Misha left. After all the others had passed she was there, the rock. And as we burried the others, we always had her there. So it made it all a bit easier to deal with.

And for that I am grateful. She was the gentle giant

And now she is gone to. She developed Mastcell cancer within the last few months. Tuesday night she collapsed and Wednesday morning at 3am she passed.

Her passing is the toughest because she was the last one of the bunch. The Ichkhanian Motley Crew...How we loved our dogs.

Anyway to honor our doggie family I would like to do this. To help other dogs have a good and full life

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