Walk for Animals 2015
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Where does my donation go?

By making a tax deductible donation to the Walk for Animals, you help Animal Humane Society:

  • Provide food, shelter, medical attention and a second chance to the homeless and neglected animals brought to our shelters.
  • Continue our educational outreach efforts in our schools - engaging the public’s hearts, hands, and minds for animals.
  • Employ the only two humane investigation agents in Minnesota to rescue animals from abusive and neglectful situations.

You can view our annual report to see the exciting strides we are taking to make Animal Humane Society a continually improving service to the people and animals of our community.

Here's an example of what your donation today can do:

$10,000: Supports the operating expenses of our Woodbury location for six days
$5,000: Helps fund a cruelty investigation and animal rescue
$2,500: Provides medical supplies and medications for 46 spay/neuter surgeries
$1,000: Gives housing and care to 67 animals in the shelter for one day
$500: Helps three dogs through the Adoption Preparation program which readies shy or fearful dogs for adoption
$250: Provides X-rays for two injured animals
$100: Provides sterilization surgery for two puppies
$50: Provides full vaccinations for two stray cats
Any amount: Helps Animal Humane Society respond with kindness for animals in need

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