This year we have some great badges that you can earn to proudly display on your personal fundraising page. Take a look at the available badges below and see what you need to do to earn them.

Badges for Walk participation

Dog Walkers - for those that are walking for the animals on May 4, 2013 Cat Napper - for those that can't join us at the Walk but are still fundraising to help animals in need Pat on the Back - for those walkers who made a donation to their own fundraising page Oh Captain, My Captain - for those team captains who will lead their teams to fundraising victory For those on a fundraising team - we've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit, how about you? Top Walker - for those veteran walkers who raised $500 or more last year High Five - for those animal lovers who have raised funds for 2 or more Walk for Animals Helping Paws - for those helping paws that will volunteer at this year's Walk for Animals

Badges for the amount of money you raise

Puppy Lover - for those who call it 'puppy love' and raise $25 Fancy Cat- for those fancy cats who have raised $50 Crafty Ferret - for those crafty ones who have raised $75 Giant Papillon - for those fundraising giants who have raised $100 Siamese Dreamer - for those dreamers who have raised $150 Hamster Hero - for those heroic fundraisers who have raised $250 un-Lonesome Dove - for those mavericks who have raised $500 Tracking Hound - for those fundraisers who hounded enough to raise $750 in donations Top Tom Cat - for those top fundraisers who have earned $1,000 Back Scratcher - to scratch the back of those who have raised $1,500 Pack Leader - for those leading fundraisers who have raised $2,500 Alpha Fundraiser - for the master fundraisers who have raised $5,000

Badges for the number of donations you receive

Animal Pal - for those pals who have garnered their first donation Pet Partner - for our partners who have garnered three donations Humane Human - for those humane humans who have garnered five donations Pet Lover - for those Pet Lovers who have garnered ten donations Animal Guardian - for those hard working souls who have garnered twenty donations

Badges for the number of emails you send

Cat Caller - for those fundraisers who have sent 5 emails Dog Whistler - for those fundraisers who have sent 10 emails Mouse Squeaker - for those go-getters who have sent 20 emails Guinea Pig Chatterer  - for those ambitious types who have sent 30 emails Parakeet Warbler  - for those go-getters who have sent 50 emails Gerbil Chirper - for those over-achievers who have sent 100 emails Kitten Purrer - for those who have purr-fected the art of the ask and sent 150 emails Mee-wowzers - for those who have us saying 'me-WOW' by sending 250 emails

Badges for friends of Animal Humane Society

Alumni Dog - for those walkers whose perfect pooches were adopted from Animal Humane Society Alumni Cat - for those walkers whose furry felines were adopted from Animal Humane Society Humane Royalty - for those noble animal lovers that volunteer at Animal Humane Society

Limited time exclusive badges

Beta testers - for those big fish who helped us get the Walk 2013 website up and running Early Bird - for those Walkers who were among the first to register for this year's Walk
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