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Volume 2 - February 18, 2010

Thank you for registering for Animal Humane Society's 2010 Walk for Animals.  We appreciate all the hard work you’re doing on behalf of the animals and we want to help you out with your efforts.  Each Thursday you’ll receive our Walk participant e-newsletter, Making Tracks, with fundraising tips, inspiring stories, and even some fun fundraising contests with great prizes.  

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fundraising tips
  1. Provide your donors an incentive

Offering a little incentive can be just the thing to get your friends and family to donate - or get them to donate a larger amount.  This week's "Walkers of the Week" - the Waggin' for Dollars team - got together and made dog and cat toys and treats which they give away to donors who make a gift of $50 or more.  Think of some other things you could offer to your donors - here are just a few suggestions:
  • babysitting or petsitting
  • a dozen cookies
  • slightly used books, cds and dvds
  • a dinner prepared by you
  • shoveling snow (make sure it's for a really big gift!)
  • and so much more!

We want to help in your efforts, so be sure to read this week's Fundraising Challenge for a special chance for your donors to win a great prize!

2.Get Social

A great way to spread the word about your Walk page is to share it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  We've made it easy to do with the Share buttons that appear on the top of your personal Walk page (right next to the dog's tail). 

Share button

Simply, hover your mouse over the word Share and click on the site you'd like to post your link to and you're all set!  Be sure to write a few words about why they should donate in your honor. 

Have a great fundraising tip of your own?  Let us know and we may publish it in a future edition of "Making Tracks"


 Fundraising Challenge

This week's prize is courtesy of Hennepin Theatre Trust

To go along with our first fundraising tip of the week, we'd like to offer your contacts a little extra incentive to donate in your honor!

To celebrate the 36th Annual Walk for Animals, we're offering a prize to the person who makes the donation that sends us over the $36,000 mark.

Avenue QThe winner will receive two pairs of tickets to the opening night production of the hit Broadway musical Avenue Q at the Orpheum Theater on April 13, 2010 courtesy of Hennepin Theatre Trust. Feel free to donate to your own efforts if you'd like to take a chance at winning these great tickets for yourself.

Animal Humane Society staff are not eligible to participate in this fundraising challenge. 

Lots of woofs, meows, chirps and squeeks of thanks to our friends at Hennepin Theatre Trust for supporting this year's Walk for Animals!

We've made it easy to tell your friends and family about this chance to win. Log into your Participant Center and choose the Avenue Q template from the suggested email messages.  

Congratulations to Shanna H for winning last's week Ordway Theater tickets!


Chloeinspirational tales

"Eight years ago I adopted Chloe from the Golden Valley Humane Society. At that time Chloe was extremely shy and skittish, as she had been abused and abandoned by a previous owner. While at the Golden Valley Humane Society, Chloe took training courses to increase her confidence. When I first met her, she knew several basic  commands, such as sit, stay, and shake. In the years I've had Chloe, we've continued her training and her confidence has grown and grown. No longer is she the unconfident lady that I first met! She's a well adjusted dog, and a full fledged snuggler.

Chloe was a wonderful addition to our family, and made an excellent companion for our other dog, Percy. I'm glad we made the decision to adopt Chloe.

-- Elizabeth R



Elizabeth R

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