2009 Wine Dinner

Meritage’s Chef Klein lends signature talent for the animals - Learn how you can partake in his culinary creations

Seven is a lucky number for Animal Humane Society. That’s how long esteemed Chef Russell Klein has been donating his time and services to the annual AHS Fall Wine Dinner hosted at The Saint Paul Hotel. It was 2002 when Chef Klein came to the Twin Cities as executive chef at W.A. Frost and, since then, he hasn’t missed the event—even in 2007 when it took place on the second opening night of his new restaurant, Meritage, a Brasserie. He literally ran back and forth from his hours-old restaurant to The Saint Paul Hotel during the evening’s excitement.

Russell, who grew up in New York City, says his mother is an animal devotee who likely instilled in him his love for animals. The dish he is preparing for the Fall Wine Dinner pays homage to his mother and her love for animals; in fact, it is her recipe for what is now Chef Klein’s signature dish, pumpkin soup.

Making soup for nearly 300 guests to be served at once can be a challenge. Chef Klein estimates he will roast four to five cases of certified organic, locally grown pumpkins for the soup. Each bowl of this rich seasonal soup will be garnished with turkey confit and spiced pecans with all the turkey donated by Pat Ebnet at Wild Acres Game Farms.

So, what makes a busy chef keep donating his culinary talents for an animal welfare organization? Keep reading…

This year the event takes place on Friday, November 6. Tickets are limited. Get yours today!

An easier way for you to find your pet
All the adorable little faces on the Animal Humane Society website may make it inviting to visit, but recent updates have made it that much easier for you to navigate—both in finding a new animal and your lost pet.

Helping you find a lost pet
Lost DogEvery now and then we can get so turned around that we don’t know where we’d be—literally—without the tiny, often hand-held gadgets to guide us home. Unfortunately, outside of providing our pets with a microchip, we can’t strap a device to our pets to locate there whereabouts when they go missing. Panic sets in and we want to do everything possible to locate them. When that happens, the AHS website is there for you with the recently launched AHS Lost & Found Online Bulletin Board.

This new feature acts as a one-stop resource for you to locate your lost pet. It provides you:

  • Next steps to take that will increase your chances of being reunited with your pet.
  • The opportunity to post your animal’s picture, bio and last known location in front of the thousands who visit our site each day.
  • The ability to review found and stray animals to see if your pet has been found by another family or is in our care.
  • Review the site and you can help reunite someone else with their lost family member.

Take a look and remember AHS should your pet go missing.

Finding a new pet just got easier
CatsIn addition to helping you find your lost pet, we can also better help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a new pet. The search feature on the adoption pages now includes specific breeds and age groups allowing you to get closer to the right pet for your family. Individual adoption profiles also now provide any necessary information regarding the pet you’re viewing, whether he has special needs or simply needs a home without other pets. Take a look for yourself and spread the word about the animals we have available for adoption.

Black dogs and cats, Halloween
Black CatHalloween is days away and with it come images of kids in costumes, buckets of candy, carved pumpkins on the front step, and black cats crossing our path. Black cats often get a bad rap because of the superstition that surrounds them. But what many don’t know is that the plight of these animals goes beyond the superstition, and also extends to dogs.

At Animal Humane Society, and shelters around the country, black animals are met with a long-standing hurdle—they simply aren’t seen. The mystery surrounding these animals and why they aren’t being adopted has started many conversations and has been the topic of many articles. Some have even developed websites dedicated to the issue.

One theory is based on the popularity of Labrador retrievers. The Lab is one of the most popular dog breeds in Minnesota and according to the American Kennel Club, the most popular dog breed in the nation. Unfortunately, what’s popular in the community becomes popular in the shelter; therefore, the kennels at AHS are often filled with black Labs that look very similar. When potential adopters see five in a row and then spot one with a different color coat, the unique color might catch their attention, but Cindy Johnson, AHS director of customer service, urges people to remember that “hair color is superficial, it’s the personality of the animals that is important… and they all have their own unique personality.”

The issue is called “black dog syndrome” but black cats are often overlooked in the cat adoption centers too. Centuries of negative associations have made it tough for the black cats of today. “Some of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen are black. Their shiny, silky fur and green or golden eyes are stunning,” says Cindy. “Often these gorgeous pets sit a little longer in shelters because we always have a vast selection of cats available for adoption and, like the black dog, they go unnoticed.”

How we can change the situation for these animals is an on-going discussion. The best way to address it now is to let people know about the situation. It was said best in a San Francisco Chronicle article on the topic this past August, “The next time you’re checking out available dogs on the Web or walking through the kennels in your local shelter, keep your eye out for the love in the eye of a dog of a darker hue.”

See the love in the eyes of Pavol and Batman, just two of the many black animals we have available for adoption.

Squishy leads the pack at AHS
SquishySquishy looks like a small critter out of a fairytale cartoon. She’s cute, she’s cuddly and she’s got a face that makes you want to give her a big affectionate squeeze. And you could do it, if it wouldn’t be detrimental to her well being. She’s little. Very little. And is the kind of animal that would probably prefer a gentle, one-finger pat on the top of her head.

Weighing in at only 300 grams, Squishy is a member of the small critter species at Animal Humane Society. She’s an adorable rat, one of nearly 40 available for adoption at AHS, and has been waiting for a home in Woodbury since late August. Already a Facebook fan favorite, she’s now looking for a friendly boy or girl to give her a new home.  

Rats are the most intelligent of all rodents and are highly social animals making for great first pets for responsible children. They love to climb and will make good use of ladders, ropes, hammocks, tunnels, and platforms. They love to play with toys: blocks of wood for chewing, cardboard tubes, and toys designed for ferrets or parrots. Simple items like large cardboard mailing tubes, crumpled paper, paper bags, and cardboard boxes also make wonderful toys. Rats are very intelligent and need to be challenged, so rotating the toys on a regular basis is suggested. Learn more about Squishy and her friends… 


Now Boarding

Nonstop fun for your dog

When looking at ways to get man’s best friend off the couch this winter, consider Now Boarding. Listed as the Best Pet Boarding Facility on City Pages’ “2009 Best of the Twin Cities” list, Now Boarding is more than a boarding facility. It offers a variety of services, including doggy daycare… or in better words:

  • Nonstop fun and antics from 6 a.m.–6 p.m., you pick the times
  • Play equipment that doesn’t require “four on the floor”
  • Ample space to run laps, chase friends or howl at the moon
  • An equal opportunity for small dogs and large dogs

To schedule a time for your dog to stay active this winter, visit www.nowboardingpets.com. And remember: A tired dog is a good dog!

A badge of honor for your pet
Therapy AnimalsOur pets can’t earn scout badges like the kids in our lives, but they can do the next best thing—become a therapy animal to bring comfort, learning and fun into the lives’ of others. Pets of all shapes and sizes are eligible from dogs to guinea pigs. Only three Intro to Therapy Animals sessions remain between now and the New Year. Learn what it takes to become an Animal Ambassador with your pet and register today. The program is free.

Enrich your life with a senior pet
SeniorMany don’t know this, but November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. AHS sees a lot of senior animals go into new homes; however, for many, that’s only after an extended stay in the shelter. Senior animals are often overlooked for the rambunction of their younger counterparts, but during the month of November, we ask you to consider these pets and look at the benefits they can bring to your life.

The health benefits of pet ownership are incredible. They help us alleviate stress and get out in the world for a little exercise. These affects are astounding for senior citizens. Studies have shown that independently living seniors who own pets tend to have better physical and mental well being than those who do not own a pet. Consider our Pets for Seniors program sponsored by Purina. Seniors 60 years of age or older may adopt a cat three years or older and receive a $50 discount on the adoption fee. Some restrictions do apply and a limited number of applications are available each month. Call (763) 5832-4325 for more information.


WalterAn update on Walter and Double the Love - Last week to adopt two cats for one adoption fee
Walter was featured in an issue of this newsletter in mid-September. Unfortunately, he still has not been adopted into a new home. Walter is a young cat who has spent all of his life in and out of shelters. Recently, it was discovered that he has a heart murmur and now needs an exceptional owner to provide him with a loving, lasting home. Consider bringing this beautiful, black-and-white cat into your home. And don’t forget about our Double the Love program—adopt one cat and AHS will waive the adoption fee of a second. But bring them home before the program ends this Saturday, October 31.

Walk2010Consider the Walk for Animals
…. for pleasure.
Mark your calendars! AHS’s Walk for Animals is set for Saturday, May 1, 2010. Online fundraising will get underway after the New Year.

… for business. Interested in having a booth at this year's Walk for Animals?  Contact us at infoevents@animalhumanesociety.org or 763/432-4842

Giving to the dogs through music
Trish PainterAnimal lover and singer/songwriter Trish Painter is using her art to raise much-needed funds for the animals of AHS. Her most recent work, Dog Tracks, places a folk music soundtrack to the daily activities and antics of her dogs. Available online at CDBaby.com, Trish will donate $2 to AHS for each album sold. Get your copy today at www.cdbaby.com/cd/trishpainter.

Drive-into another Galaxy… for the dogs
GalaxyA new galaxy has opened up and it has set its dog friendly sights on AHS. Galaxy Drive In is open year-round and working toward ending animal homelessness by accepting on-site donations for AHS. Support our work by having a bite to eat at Galaxy. The dining destination is dog friendly and features free ice cream cones for dogs and a pup friendly menu with burgers, hot dogs and bone treats. For more information, call (952) 277-7777 or visit www.Galaxy-DriveIn.com. Galaxy Drive In is located at 3712 Quebec Avenue South, St. Louis Park, Minn.


October 27, 2009

Double The Love
Double the Love extended until October 31


Pavol shied away from the cameras on Fox 9 - still available for adoption!


Special events

Low-cost vaccine and microchip clinic
Saturday, October 31

Animal Humane Society Fall Wine Dinner
Friday, November 6

Tax-advantaged Giving: Cut Your Tax Bill While Helping Animals
Thursday, November 12

AHS class offerings

Bunny Basics Class, 6:30 p.m.
November 5 and 9, Golden Valley

Canine Good Citizen Test, 8:15 p.m.
November 2, Golden Valley
November 18, Coon Rapids

Hoppy Hour, 1 p.m.
November 1, 15 and 29, Golden Valley

Intro to Pet Dog Training Class, 6:30 p.m.
October 27 and November 11, 24, Woodbury
October 29 and November 3, 11, 19, 23, Golden Valley
November 5 and 16, Now BoardingNovember 18, Coon Rapids

Intro to Therapy Animals, 7 p.m.
October 28, Golden Valley
November 11, Coon Rapids

Microchip and Nail Trim Clinics, 1 p.m.
November 1, St. Paul
November 8, Coon Rapids
November 8, Golden Valley
November 21, Woodbury
November 22, Buffalo

Yappy Hour, 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.
November 13, Golden Valley

Pet Loss Support Group, 7 p.m.

Every Monday, Golden Valley

Shop any Oreck store October 29-31, purchase tools to boo-tify your home, and ask them to donate 10% of your purchase to AHS!  Click here for locations.

Glass Memorials
Click here
to memorialize your lost pet through handmade glass pet memorials.

Remax 150px
Click here to save BIG when you Buy, Sell, or Refinance a home PLUS ReMax will make a donation to AHS!


Darn good dog gear, made in the USA with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, in innovative designs and colors.Click here for more info.

Pet Cremation
Providing only individual/private same day pet cremation assuring that you receive only your pet's ashes. 952-925-1234. Click here for more info.

50% off* your first bag of any pet food PLUS we’ll donate 10% of your 1st order and 2% of every future order to AHS! Fetch Delivers over 80 brands of pet food & more right to your door! FREE metro delivery, no minimums, everyday low prices.

Enter discount code “AHS50” at checkout to apply discount and AHS donation. * See website for restrictions. Expires 12/31/09.


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